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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1266 – Candy Box film ludicrous
Zhou Wen’s heart and soul stirred since he needed your lemon sweet and tried placing it in the Chaos Bead. This time around, he succeeded.
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Zhou Wen put the sugary snacks interior and thinking for just a moment before you take out of the citrus sweets.
It was clearly a uncommon spatial piece with a serious big potential, but it really could only be used to keep sweets. It absolutely was useless to Zhou Wen.
He placed the lemon candies back into the sugary snacks pack and planned to retail outlet it from the Turmoil Bead, but to his surprise, he couldn’t place the lime chocolate from the Turmoil Bead.
Zhou Wen was pleased.
Let Me Game in Peace
He hit off to effect the bronze secure, however it wasn’t shut. It established the minute he touched it. Zhou Wen eliminated the bronze secure and opened up the small box. Within the small box was really a sweet.
Additionally, with the Chaos Egg cell securing him, Zhou Wen was in an invincible posture.
It’s high-quality, I assume. I’ll provide it to Ya’er. This thing is very tiny. It’s not bad to utilize it to store chocolate for Ya’er. She doesn’t should request me for sweets whenever she wants to have some.
Odd, why would a dimensional creature have these individual factors?
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However, it wasn’t that the more time the postponement, the higher quality. The more the hold off, the higher the requirement on one’s opinion. All things considered, additional party wasn’t dead—they could proceed. The more the wait, the more difficult it absolutely was going to the rival.
s.p.a.cetime Piglet’s skill crystal. Is it spatial extension?
Zhou Wen was glad.
The larger components of sweets were actually easily placed into the sugary snacks carton which was much smaller in comparison to the chocolate bars.
The Chaos Egg slammed available the wooden doorstep and Zhou Wen moved into the current Hut.
With additional effectiveness, he could only build a hold off of two or three mere seconds at highest. There was clearly absolutely no way to remain slowing down unless he got the ability to kick through to the Terror level.
It’s fine, I suppose. I’ll provide to Ya’er. It is incredibly modest. It is not bad to make use of it to hold sweets for Ya’er. She doesn’t must consult me for candies whenever she needs to eat some.
On the other hand, Zhou Wen couldn’t get the expertise crystal while inside of the Turmoil Egg.
What fell out was really a rather unique-shopping box. It was actually made from hardwood and had exquisite behaviour engraved into it. It was actually along with a small and lovable bronze secure.
There had been a couple of phrases engraved about the front side in the package.
Odd, why would a dimensional creature have these individual points?
The Turmoil Egg slammed available the timber home and Zhou Wen came into the current Hut.
Zhou Wen originally envisioned that even if it wasn’t a Mate Ovum, it ought to be a crystal or anything, but on careful appear, he was somewhat puzzled when he noticed just what it was.
Zhou Wen tried a few more periods and pointed out that whenever he want to use it in, there appeared to be a strange pressure repelling the sweets package, reducing it from coming into the Turmoil Bead.
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The large some chocolate were actually easily put into the sugary snacks field which had been much smaller compared to the sweets.
Zhou Wen originally imagined that regardless if it wasn’t a Companion Ovum, it has to be a crystal or anything, but on watchful look, he was somewhat confused as he spotted exactly what it was.
The larger some dark chocolate ended up easily put into the sweets box that was much smaller compared to chocolates.
A dimensional crystal fallen. It had been a wood crystal with the look of the s.p.a.cetime Piglet carved on it.
Zhou Wen checked out the candies field again and realized that there had been a note towards the end of the box.
Zhou Wen required out of the sweet and gave it a closer inspection. Irrespective of how he looked at it, it was subsequently wrapping made by a factory. The language ended up published mechanically. Irrespective of how he viewed it, it checked want it was artificially manufactured but not one thing a dimensional being ought to have.
Zhou Wen viewed the sweet carton again and saw that there were a be aware towards the bottom with the carton.
It’s okay, I suppose. I’ll have to Ya’er. It is very tiny. It is not bad to utilize it to store sweet for Ya’er. She doesn’t need to consult me for sugary snacks whenever she would like to nibble on some.

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